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Tourmaline Gemstone Beads Online

Tourmaline gemstone beads are used for energy protection. They create shields around a person or room to avoid negative and unwelcoming energies from entering. It can crumble stubborn energy and negative thought patterns, transforming them into positive, beneficial energy and beliefs. Each bead carries its own uniqueness, quality, and meaning. 

Tourmaline beads have many positive attributes in the spiritual realm. Black is used for creating a shield of protection from negative energies. It is used to relieve stress and negative thoughts and ground you. Purple has an affinity for third eye chakra and is used in healing and removing outside entities. Pink is associated with the heart and is considered an aphrodisiac. It is great for feeling safe and receptive to love from others. Yellow tourmaline equates solar plexus chakra and enhances personal power.   At Prismatic Gems, we have a collection of gemstones, including tourmaline cabochons, faceted stones, and tourmaline beads for jewelry making

The chemical composition impacts the physical properties and describes its colors. 4C's, cut, color, clarity, and carat, affect the value and genuine of tourmaline. Some of the finest tourmalines are discovered in deposits along Precambrian Mozambique Belt, East Africa. Although there are plenty of deposits, good quality and fine colors are rare amongst them. We at Prismatic Gems inspect tourmaline properties and chemical composition and provides a spectrum of colors, each best suited to you. We have certified a rich stockpile of natural, loose tourmaline for making jewelry

We specialize in African tourmalines, Mozambique, and the Congo tourmalines. Tourmaline gemstone beads 

Tourmaline Stone & Beads Collection